The Swarovski Covered Mercedes Benz: Class Defined

Nothing says "I'm wealthy, but in an understated way" like a top-o-the-line Benz covered in Swarovski crystals. This shiny ride fit right in next to the private jets and fur-covered sinks on display at the Moscow Millionaire Fair, which is the Russian counterpart of the RNC. While it's probably not safe to drive this… »11/26/07 11:00am11/26/07 11:00am

It's Precious to Be a Pimp: Burkitt and Burkitt Designs a Crystal-Adorned SUV

If you didn't notice, there's a cold pimp war on, people, and the escalation has been accelerating of late (remember when dubs used to be big?). The guys at Burkitt and Burkitt are ready for the next plateau of one-upsmanship, with a plan for a Lincoln Navigator that's hand-encrusted with Swarovski crystals. A… »6/19/06 1:23pm6/19/06 1:23pm