For $10,000 This Company Will Turn Your Audi Into An Autonomous Car

If you're unwilling to wait for Google or an automaker to bring an autonomous vehicle to market, Cruise will sell you the privilege for $10,000. The start-up says it can retrofit your ride with cameras, sensors, and computers to enable semi-autonomous driving. But it's only for Audis and it's not fully baked. » 6/23/14 2:06pm 6/23/14 2:06pm

We've Come A Long Way Baby

A Ford Model T paces a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG at the Woodward Dream Cruise. Considering a stretch of Woodward was amongst the first concrete-paved road in the world, a more perfect illustration of automotive progress couldn't be asked for. » 8/21/10 9:30pm 8/21/10 9:30pm

Hey Kiddo, Who Said You Could Wear That Color?

A Plum Crazy Purple Roadrunner looks on as a Plum Crazy Purple Challenger approaches. Somehow, we suspect the old-timer wishes its relative was a little more of a wild child. » 8/21/10 9:00pm 8/21/10 9:00pm

How Tom Cruise Earned The Nickname "See Cruise Crash Again"

Tom Cruise's crazed two-wheels-off-the-ground record-setting lap around British motoring show Top Gear's track wasn't a surprise to those who've seen him race. One of Cruise's driving instructors gave us an exclusive look into his terrifying, short-lived, and accident-prone racing career. » 8/06/10 1:20pm 8/06/10 1:20pm

Chevy Cruze, Revealed Live Before Paris

Yes, friends, we're live at GM's Paris Motor Show » 9/15/08 3:21pm 9/15/08 3:21pm preview to bring you this live reveal (not from Paris) of — the , the econobox you can't ignore. It's coming to Europe in March, 2009 and the United States in April, 2010, and as we already know, it'll be powered in Europe by your choice of a 150 HP turbodiesel and two…

The Sports Cars And Exotics Of The 2008 Woodward Dream Cruise

We've mentioned already the Woodward Dream Cruise » 8/18/08 4:30pm 8/18/08 4:30pm attracts all types of cars. In addition to locally-brewed sports car stars like the Chevy Corvette in every imaginable model and engine flavor, and a couple of Dodge Viper ACRs, we're also talking about rarified objects hailing from Italy, Germany and Great Britain…

The Custom Cars Of The 2008 Woodward Dream Cruise

We started with the Muscle and now we're taking you to another end of the spectrum of the cult of cars at the 2008 Woodward Dream Cruise, the Customs. — Ed. » 8/18/08 3:30pm 8/18/08 3:30pm Yeah, we're just gonna be generous and lump everything that's been given a custom job into this category. Our friend with the custom would fit in here, for…

The Muscle Cars Of The 2008 Woodward Dream Cruise

One day, 40,000 cars and over a million people spread out on a ten mile stretch of Woodward Avenue in Metro Detroit. Yeah, the sheer size of the Woodward Dream Cruise is hard to express unless you've actually been there. Luckily, one good way's through photos, so here's our first of a series of round-up galleries… » 8/18/08 3:00pm 8/18/08 3:00pm

The 2008 Woodward Dream Cruise: What You May Have Missed

Garbage Truck Acts As Mafia PR Play

Waste Management hauls out their Dream Cruise » 8/16/08 1:20pm 8/16/08 1:20pm garbage truck every year, often filling the back-end with Chinese-made trinkets to throw to the kiddies. Garbage, in other words. The pristine truck is always a crowd-pleaser, though, and no doubt engenders goodwill toward an industry better known for mob ties and…

NextCruise To Drag Woodward Dream Cruise Kicking And Screaming Into…

At a press event earlier this morning, representatives from Ford, GM and Chrysler, along with reps from The Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix and event chairman (and guru) Paul Eisenstein announced details on the first inaugural "NextCruise." Billed as a "Lean, Mean, and Green" element to the Dream… » 7/23/08 2:20pm 7/23/08 2:20pm

2008 Woodward Dream Cruise Expands To Include Nine Days of Unofficially…

The Woodward Dream Cruise is a perennial favorite here at the house of Jalop and we're happy to see the joy of the event is spreading. For the first time in the Cruise's history, the festivities will be extending below 8 mile, though not by way of the official organizers of Woodward Dream Cruise Inc, but through the… » 4/18/08 4:40pm 4/18/08 4:40pm

Ford S-Max Spotted on the Mean Steets of Detroit

After being berated for the crappy quality of my pictures here, and here, and many other times, I've decided to upgrade to a Lumix FZ18 from the three year old Exilim that had horrible fading, limited dynamic range, and no optical zoom. The ironic part is that though this new piece of kit takes gorgeous pictures, the… » 12/03/07 9:30am 12/03/07 9:30am