So That's Why The Honda Crossroad Was in Los Angeles: Promo Video

Thanks to Carscoop, YouTubers of automaker promo videos extraordinaire, we can get a look at the post-production product of the Honda Crossroad's visit to Los Angeles. If you'll recall, the Crossroad set off a firestorm of debate when it showed up on the streets of LA. Thickening the plot are anecdotal reports the… »2/23/07 12:50pm2/23/07 12:50pm

Japanese Domestic Market Watch: Honda's New Crossroad

Honda's introduced that wacky Crossroad crossover in Japan. If you'll recall, that's the one spotted tooling around Los Angeles, setting off speculation-o-meters from here to the Marshall Islands. It's Honda's new seven-passenger crossover for the Japanese market, which it calls an "active life navigator." (Not to be… »2/22/07 8:08am2/22/07 8:08am