2017 Infiniti Q30: Infiniti Does Something Different And It Works Damn Well

Do you happen to be old and lazy enough to put a sloth to shame? I’m sorry, but the Infiniti Q30 is probably not the luxury car for you. Don’t worry, there’s always Lincoln. But if you’re young and active and looking for something different, Infiniti has a very compelling car for you. »11/13/15 3:48pm11/13/15 3:48pm

The 2016 Infiniti QX50 Is Remarkably Old School For A Tech-Focused Update

The big news for Infiniti’s 2016 QX50 crossover is an extra four inches of legroom in the back. With rear-wheel drive and terrible fuel economy, but more advertised horsepower than a rival Acura or Lexus. it’s billed as “the driver’s crossover.” In reality though, it’s no poor man’s Porsche Macan. »9/28/15 4:50pm9/28/15 4:50pm

Here Are The Best Minivan Alternatives

I must get this question about once a week. Seriously, what is wrong with you people? You know you need a minivan. You know the minivan is the best family hauling car for the money. Yet for some strange reason you have this complex about driving a van and would rather sacrifice convenience and flexibility so you can… »7/30/15 4:44pm7/30/15 4:44pm

Why Everyone Is Going Nuts Over The Honda HR-V And Not The Jeep Renegade

Like most of you I was pretty excited about the new Jeep Renegade, and I don’t even really like crossovers. Jeep clearly had history and hype on its side when it launched the nameplate, but last month Honda crashed the crossover party with the HR-V and left Jeep in the dust. So how did they do it? »6/17/15 1:39pm6/17/15 1:39pm

Cheap Leases Won't Save Volkswagen, But A Wagon Might

Why drive a Corolla when you can have a German sedan for less than $100 per month? Bloomberg reports that Volkswagen Jetta leases are $89/mo in some areas of the country, but is it really a deal if it’s a car no one wants? Perhaps VW should shred the cheap car image and look to a longroof to regain some sales.
»6/01/15 8:40pm6/01/15 8:40pm

What Is The Best $30,000 Compact Crossover That Is Still Fun To Drive? 

My wife and I are a one car family, that is soon to be growing. It's time to trade the hot-hatch in for something a little bigger. She wants a safe, compact crossover with AWD. I don't want to give up having a quick car that is fun to toss around. Is it possible to have both for under $30,000? »3/17/15 1:52pm3/17/15 1:52pm