Mini Off-Road Crossover Concept Includes Laser-Projected 3D In-Car Entertainment Globe

The off-road Mini Crossover Concept »9/10/08 1:45pm9/10/08 1:45pm may be small on the outside, but on the inside there's a giant 3D globe that utilizes laser technology to integrate all of the car's entertainment, communication and navigational features into a touchscreen interface. The globe splits into hemispheres allowing the driver to check…


Citroen Hypnos Hybrid Crossover Concept Channels FURTHUR

With the Hypnos crossover concept, Citroën is trying to explore ways to “make technology more human and approachable.” And, while the 200 HP hybrid powertrain said to deliver 60+ MPG is certainly laudable, we’ve received unconfirmed reports of a rehab facility in the south of France that's taken in the entire Citroën… »9/05/08 2:00pm9/05/08 2:00pm