Failure! Romanian Cross Lander SUV Hits New Snag

According to a firm that's been attempting to import Romanian-built SUVs to the US for the past year, the Romanian government is trying to pull its tablecloth from under the company's flatware, as it were. The company, Cross Lander USA, is suing Romania for allegedly conspiring to thwart its venture, by way of a… » 4/01/06 9:14am 4/01/06 9:14am

Success!: Romanian Cross Lander SUV Exempt from Air Bags Law till 2008

Jalopnik loves an underdog automaker, especially one so bold as to offer a vehicle no more sophisticated than an AMC-era Jeep in this era of padded-room car design. Now, Cross Lander USA — a company whose plan to bring the Romanian Aro SUV to the states has been around for a decade — has gotten approval from the Feds… » 1/05/06 8:28am 1/05/06 8:28am