What Happens When You Drive Into A Lake At Speed?

A number of hoons visiting Croatia equipped with a Zastava asked two questions: what happens when you drive through a cornfield? What happens when you plow into a lake at speed? » 1/10/14 1:00pm 1/10/14 1:00pm

RIP Renault 5 Maxi Turbo

Final race of 2013 FIA European Hill Climb Championship takes place in Buzet, Croatia this week end - today it's time for practice heats. This is how it ended for one of the drivers, Italian Gianfranco Muzio and his wonderful (well, slightly less wonderful but still badass gorgeous, battle scars ftw) Renault.… » 9/14/13 11:39am 9/14/13 11:39am

Woman Drives for 900 Miles Instead of 90 Thanks to GPS Error (and Total…

I've read plenty of crazy GPS stories, but this has to be the craziest of them all: a 67-year-old woman drove for 900 miles over the course of two days because of a GPS error combined with her complete lack of attention. Her actual destination was only 90 miles away. » 1/14/13 1:04pm 1/14/13 1:04pm

Someone Might Actually Build The 1,088 HP Croatian Electric Supercar

We've written about Croatia's planned $980,000 electric Rimac Concept One supercar before, but with the same elbow-in-the-ribs skepticism rightly reserved for these endlessly rendered-yet-never built custom supercars. In our experience, about 1-in-600 ever gets made and the other 599 end up being part of some massive… » 9/09/12 4:00pm 9/09/12 4:00pm

Watch A Woman Walk A Rope Between Two Speeding Volvo Trucks

World-record slackliner Faith Dickey had to walk from one speeding truck to another across a highline in Volvo Trucks' new ad. Sounds easy? No, there were high winds. Oh, and if she wasn't fast enough, she'd smash into a mountain. » 8/16/12 5:30pm 8/16/12 5:30pm

Behind the scenes at the company responsible for the 1,088hp "Concept…

The Rimac Concept One is a 1,088 horsepower electric super car designed by 23 year old Croatian Mate Rimac that is set to take on the supercar establishment—if we ever actually see it in action. This video goes behind the scenes at Rimac's Croatian world headquarters » 12/03/11 4:00pm 12/03/11 4:00pm

Doking XD: Croatia’s finest track-ready electric automobile

"Designed as a luxury city car, build for race track," says Zagreb's newest car company in broken English. The 240 HP Doking XD will allegedly transport three human beings to 62 MPH in 4.2 seconds, all while sitting McLaren F1-style. » 11/17/11 3:30pm 11/17/11 3:30pm

Sneak peak at a 1088 horsepower electric Croatian supercar

Rimac Automobili, the Croatian car builder that brought us the blisteringly fast electric BMW E30, is planning to show their first electric vehicle concept to the world at this week's Frankfurt Motor Show. According to the manufacturer their all electric supercar will produce 1088 horsepower and 2800 ft/lbs of… » 9/11/11 12:30pm 9/11/11 12:30pm

Worst Turn Ever Or Best Turn Ever?

There's nothing like a banked, blind wet turn into oncoming traffic to get your blood pumping. Now imagine the same turn with an off-camber split half-way into it. Great if you're a Croatian hoon, bad if you're anyone else. » 1/31/11 10:30am 1/31/11 10:30am

Miss Croatia 2007 Awarded With Chevy Aveo

What do you get for being the most beautiful woman in Croatia? Besides a trip to the Miss World competition and the respect (and by respect we mean ogling) of your peers, you get a brand new Chevy Aveo! While we're sure that Miss Tatjana Jeremic is very pleased by her win, we think if you're giving out cars based on… » 11/02/07 5:00pm 11/02/07 5:00pm

You See Vat Happen, Larry?

When we had Intergalactic Malaise Era Torino day earlier in the week, we showed the Torino-versus-dumpster crash scene from the Torino-riffic film The Big Lebowski. It turns out that the influence of the "You see what happens, Larry?" Corvette/Torino-beating scene from the movie is so pervasive that even Croatians… » 9/07/07 5:15pm 9/07/07 5:15pm

Lap Dance: Track Day in a Ferrari Enzo FXX

Aside from apexing a bit too close to pit road at times, and one inadvisable one-handed burn through the straights — while searching for a cameraphone to hand over to the passenger — this young viscount handles his Ferrari Enzo FXX quite deftly. According to a tipster, the track could be Rijeka in Croatia. The… » 1/04/07 12:43pm 1/04/07 12:43pm

Croatian Minimalism Drills Clear Through to Chinee: The Yangshuomino!

It's got some sort of inline motor on the front, and it looks as if it may have a moped-style variator in lieu of a transmission, unless that wheel mounted on the side of the motor is for a very powerful air-conditioner. But AC isn't in the Croatian Minimalist artistic vocabulary, so we're guessing that the Chinese… » 6/29/06 12:30am 6/29/06 12:30am

Croatian Minimalist Camino!

The little-known school of Croatian Minimalism was an art movement that never exactly took off. However, while reader Kyle's pal Tom was traipsing across Europe, he spotted this fine example of the form; a rendering of an El Camino. Note the way the light plays off of the brutally simple pickup bed, or the artful… » 6/27/06 5:30pm 6/27/06 5:30pm