Frankfurt Auto Show: Bauer Vintage City Cycle

Along with a multitude of oddball oil burning two and a half box hood-scoop equipped hatchbacks in Frankfurt are more bicycles than you can shake a fist at. Most are set up for city trawling, some complete with mini trailer balls for what we assume are human pulled trailers. This vintage Bauer caught out eye first day… » 9/10/07 11:30am 9/10/07 11:30am

Proper Use of Scrapers

Back in early 21st century Oakland we started to see later eighties and early nineties Oldsmobile Cutlass Cieras, Chevrolet Celebs, Buick Park Aves, and even the occasional Pontiac 6000 rolling up and down San Pablo. At first they were mostly stock, but time brought Daytons and plenty of metalflake. We found out… » 6/08/07 1:00pm 6/08/07 1:00pm

Van Man vs. Critical Mass

A number of us around here are cycling enthusiasts and a majority of the regular Jalops have spent time living in the Bay Area, where cyclists — especially in Berkeley and San Francsico — have decided that yes, they do in fact hold the lease on the area's byways. So much so, in fact that there's a very real tendency… » 5/15/07 11:15pm 5/15/07 11:15pm