The Bunny Makes Us Giggle: Harlequin Volkswagen Rabbit Spotted On Flickr

That Crispin, Porter and Bogusky VW Rabbit ad with two of the newly-renamed hatchbacks frolicking around and reproducing all over the place, resulting in a slew of new rabbits, including a sure-fire cult hit, the "Harlequin" black, white and silver-painted version. Although we'd only seen the soon-to-be… » 8/07/06 1:09pm 8/07/06 1:09pm

Ad Watch: Even Volkswagen Rabbits Like To "Multiply"

Yet another funny little piece of gold crashing in from the ad agency fast-ly seen as having a Midas touch when it comes to pimping an automakers advertising — Crispin, Porter & Bogusky. CP&B's latest for VW introduces the re-naming of the "Golf" to it's classic "Rabbit" name. The ad turns the little VW hatch into… » 7/10/06 4:30pm 7/10/06 4:30pm

Volkswagen Beats Out Adidas For Major Advertising Silliness

We normally wouldn't be covering this at all — but gosh darn it, if it involves VW's "Fast" we're on it like white on rice...unless the rice is brown...then...well, you get the point. Anyway — Volkswagen just snagged some major award-age with a win over Adidas (and 620 other opponents) for the "Sales Promotion Grand… » 6/19/06 5:54pm 6/19/06 5:54pm

Ad Watch: The VW Passat — Leading Cause Of Non-Hybrid Smug

Jalopnik's totally all about the edgy, funny and intelligent stuff — whether it's VDub's GTI MKV Fast ads, or the Safe Happens Passat Jetta commercials. Crispin Porter + Bogusky looks like it may have hit another VDub out of the park with their newest Passat ad dubbed "Low Ego Emissions." We dunno if they're trying… » 5/12/06 7:00pm 5/12/06 7:00pm

Ad Watch: VW's Ad Campaign Garnering Attention From - - CRASH!

As you can see from the video, the Today Show totally had an oh-my-God-asm all over the new VW ads. But it wasn't just them. Good Morning America and every other candy-pop talk show news programs this morning profiled the new "Crash" ads too. Just remember where you saw them first! Also, we've dropped them into this… » 4/20/06 1:53pm 4/20/06 1:53pm

Ad Watch: Holy Safe! Sh*t Happens.

VW's hit a couple of home-runs with the "Fast" and "Pimp Mein Auto" ads. Both seemingly went over pretty well with auto folks and the general public...a feat in and of itself. Additionally, VW's seen huge sales numbers over the past few months since the two ad campaigns started. It appears VDub was hopin' for a little… » 4/18/06 2:44pm 4/18/06 2:44pm

Volkswagen Chooses Crispin Porter as Ad Agency of Record

Sources tell us Volkswagen of America will announce today that it's choosing Miami-based advertising badasses Crispin Porter+Bogusky as its agency of record. CP + B, high-profile darlings of the edgy, youth-oriented ad segment and winners of the Cyber Lions Grand Prix at Cannes this year, have created artful,… » 9/06/05 2:05pm 9/06/05 2:05pm