Cops Release Video of Insane Biker Gang Restaurant Shootout That Left Nine Dead

In May of this year, a shootout took place at Waco, Texas restaurant Twin Peaks, involving police and as many as five separate biker gangs. The violence claimed the lives of nine gang members (and the restaurant) and injured 18 others. CNN obtained security video of the incident, which ended in 177 arrests, and… »10/29/15 7:30pm10/29/15 7:30pm

Attorney Says Tesla Security Fucked Up Newspaper Photographers, Not The Other Way Around

Just last week two Reno Gazette-Journal staffers were arrested after allegedly sneaking onto the grounds of Tesla’s Nevada Gigafactory and tangling with corporate security. Tesla said the journalists attacked their guards as they tried to escape, but an attorney from their paper, not surprisingly, has a different side… »10/20/15 5:41pm10/20/15 5:41pm

Journalists Spying On Tesla's Gigafactory Rammed Security With A Jeep: Police

A photographer with the Reno-Gazette Journal was arrested last week and charged with a felony after police say he and another journalist from the paper were caught trespassing at Tesla Motors’ Gigafactory. And when they were busted, the journalists ran down security employees with their Jeep until the local cops… »10/13/15 2:06pm10/13/15 2:06pm

Airline Employee Caught Smuggling Guns On Flights As Carryons 

The TSA happily shows off all of the weapons they catch inside carryon baggage every month, but what happens when guns are taken onto planes as part of an inside job, by people with airport security clearance. That's just what happened as the Feds busted up a gun smuggling channel between Atlanta and NYC. »12/25/14 5:00pm12/25/14 5:00pm

Drunks Point Laser At Police Chopper, Cops Coordinate Immediate Bust

Some drunk revelers at a backyard party near Birmingham, England thought it would be fun to point a laser at a helicopter flying over their house. Unfortunately for them, that helicopter belonged to the National Police Air Service, who walked a beat cop to their house with impressive efficiency. »10/26/14 2:26pm10/26/14 2:26pm