Want A Creepy Hand For Your Shifter? Instructables Can Help

Instructables »8/20/08 1:20pm8/20/08 1:20pm is a great place to go seeking inspiration for your latest idea or just burning a lot of spare time. But this particular Instructable has that perfect mix of novelty, ease and creepiness. "" is an eight-step project which uses simple mold-making and silicone to cast a replica human hand suitable for…

Ford Succeeds In Giving Us Nightmares With New Ka Spot

We understand the Ford Ka is a roomy vehicle. Hell, it's even big enough for James Bond and many Bond girls, but the means this Spanish commercial goes to in order to express that notion is going to cause us to have some serious trouble sleeping tonight. The first one to identify what the hell those creatures are gets… »4/29/08 4:40pm4/29/08 4:40pm