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Ford Succeeds In Giving Us Nightmares With New Ka Spot

We understand the Ford Ka is a roomy vehicle. Hell, it's even big enough for James Bond and many Bond girls, but the means this Spanish commercial goes to in order to express that notion is going to cause us to have some serious trouble sleeping tonight. The first one to identify what the hell those creatures are gets… » 4/29/08 4:40pm 4/29/08 4:40pm

Spiders! Volkswagen Squareback Hosts Legfest

Think about it. An open sore of rust on a Volkswagen squareback is the perfect home for our tiny, ground-dwelling friends. It's got it all: shelter, warmth, microorganisms to snack on. From there, breeding is a cinch, especially if your egg sacs hold a few hundred offspring. Of course, for the squareback's owner,… » 4/10/07 10:06am 4/10/07 10:06am