Identifying These Car Parts Could Help Catch A Lethal Hit-And-Run Driver [Update: Suspect Charged]

On Monday, June 13th motorcyclist Damian Taylor was knocked off his 1982 Suzuki by an unidentified car, succumbing to blunt force trauma injuries and passing away shortly after. Police were seeking help tracking down the driver involved, and after a few days of searching seem to have done so.

Pro Cyclist Reportedly In Coma After Getting Run Over By Motorcycle During Race Again

All season long, professional cyclists have been run getting over by motorcycles during races. 25-year-old Belgian Antoine Demoitié died after getting run over during Gent Wevelgem, a stalled out motorbike caused a harrowing pile-up in Brooklyn last month, and Stig Broeckx was hospitalized after a medical moto ran…


Watch These Motorcyclists Hold On To Each Other During A High Speed Crash

I haven’t driven my dirtbike in a very long time, and I almost never drove it in the rain or on wet roads. But sometimes you get caught in the weather, and highway speed become extremely dangerous. Luckily the two riders managed to keep each other safe in this clip after a major wipe out in the wet.