Tony Stewart Lends Plane To Justin Wilson's Family Members After Accident

NASCAR driver and team co-owner Tony Stewart came forth with an incredible act of kindness after Justin Wilson’s IndyCar crash yesterday. Stewart lent his private plane to reunite Wilson’s family in Pennsylvania, where Wilson remains in intensive care after being struck in the head by a loose nosecone.… » 8/24/15 7:08pm Monday 7:08pm

Everything We Know About Justin Wilson's IndyCar Crash Today

Yesterday evening IndyCar driver Justin Wilson was airlifted to a hospital from Pocono Raceway after being struck in the head with a piece of debris during a race. As of the latest update, he remains in critical condition in a coma. Others in motorsports have shown an outpouring of support for Wilson and his family. … » 8/24/15 4:41pm Monday 4:41pm

IndyCar's Justin Wilson In Coma After Nosecone Strike To Head [Updating]

Driver Justin Wilson was airlifted to a hospital during IndyCar’s race at Pocono Raceway today after he was struck in the head by a nosecone loosed from driver Sage Karam’s car following a crash. According to IndyCar officials, Wilson is currently in a coma. (Updates below.) » 8/23/15 6:37pm 8/23/15 6:37pm

Vautier Collides With Rahal, Gets An Earful As Safety Team Pushes Them Apart

Graham Rahal came into the IndyCar race at Pocnono second place in the series championship. Unfortunately, he won’t be finishing the ABC Supply 500 at Pocono due to a crash with Tristan Vautier. There’s only one race left, and tensions are clearly high during this second to last round of the 2015 IndyCar season.
» 8/23/15 5:38pm 8/23/15 5:38pm

NASCAR Race Car Gets Hit In A Spin, Drives Into Pits, Then Catches Fire

Kenny Habul’s flaming car caused a red flag towards the end of today’s NASCAR Xfinity Zippo 200. Driving into the pit lane after that kind of hit (at a race sponsored by lighters, no less) around all the fuel and such proves that your car is tough, sure, but doesn’t seem like the best idea.
» 8/08/15 6:04pm 8/08/15 6:04pm

World Superbike Rider Headed To Trial After Alleged Dick Move On Track

World Superbike racer Niccolo Canepa was at a track day at Mugello back in 2013 when something strange happened. A fellow rider inexplicably crashed while alongside the former EBR and current Ducati racer. Now there’s video, and you’d have to be blind not to see what went down.
» 8/03/15 6:30pm 8/03/15 6:30pm

Street Outlaws Star Daddy Dave Flips Six Times During Amarillo Drag Race

“Daddy Dave” Comstock is best known for an insane drag truck build on a show that’s probably the worst idea on TV, but it’s impossible to ignore the fact that the stars know how to build for speed. Unfortunately, Daddy Dave’s latest Chevy II Nova build, “Goliath,” crashed at Amarillo Dragway, injuring Comstock.
» 8/03/15 4:00am 8/03/15 4:00am

Terrifying Fan Video Shows NASCAR Race Car Crashing Into Catch Fence 

Four spectators were treated for injuries as a result of the massive wreck at the end of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Coke Zero 400, with one fan transported to a local hospital in stable condition. Austin Dillon’s car became airborne in the pile-up, smashing through the part of the catch fence that separates fans from the… » 7/06/15 3:32am 7/06/15 3:32am

Alonso's Formula One Car Goes Over Räikkönen In Awkward First Lap Crash

This isn’t the ideal way to catch up with your former teammate at Ferrari, Fernando. Fernando Alonso’s McLaren caught up to Kimi Räikkönen’s Ferrari from behind, ultimately sending him over Räikkönen’s cockpit as both cars lost control and went into the barriers. » 6/21/15 8:28am 6/21/15 8:28am