Honda Once Made A Car Specifically For People To Bone In

In America, where eagles soar into the sky clutching dripping steaks, we normally think of Hondas as pretty safe, rational cars. Civics, Accords, CR-Vs, Odysseys... these are cars almost no one has ever described as “lurid.” And yet in Japan, Honda—sweet, rational Honda—once built a car for the primary, understood,… »11/02/15 2:23pm11/02/15 2:23pm


Sources Say: No Honda CR-V Hybrid; Fit Version a Go

The folks at Edmunds Inside Line appear to have heard from their Deep Throat at Honda, who says the hybrid CR-V that's been the subject of wide speculation is a non starter. The system is more feasible for cars, is the word from above, possibly referring to a steeper price differential due to the complexity of making… »5/12/06 12:58pm5/12/06 12:58pm