Covini Six-Wheeled Supercar: Exclusive First Drive

The Covini six-wheel supercar follows the model of other Italian supercars (big V8, sleek body, custom style) with one key difference captivating car and gadget geeks alike: it's got six wheels. And I'm the first person to drive it. » 7/06/11 12:15pm 7/06/11 12:15pm

The Six-Wheeled Covini C6W Is Here

After 32 years of development, the Covini Engineering team claims this is the production version of the six-wheeled C6W that's finally being unveiled this week. The future is now. » 12/01/10 2:00pm 12/01/10 2:00pm

Six-Wheeled Covini C6W Heading To Production

The Covini Engineering team's been clamoring to get the C6W into production for the last 30+ years. Now they might finally have their day. » 12/10/08 10:40am 12/10/08 10:40am

The Ten Ugliest Cars Sold Outside The United States

We've already shown you our list of the ten ugliest cars currently sold in the United States. Although epic, it meant exclusion of some fantastically ugly cars sold only on the international marketplace. Until now. After scouring the globe from Australia to Russia, these are the ten top cars that make us want to run… » 7/25/08 12:00pm 7/25/08 12:00pm