Engine Of The Day: Coventry Climax FW/FP

An industrial engine from a forklift company that went on to win at Le Mans? The four-cylinder, SOHC Climax FW started out powering water pumps on fire trucks, then had some serious diversification. » 8/08/09 1:00pm 8/08/09 1:00pm

A New British Sports Car? Coventry Climax F1 Prototype Near

Three design students from the UK's Coventry University are headed for the car biz, building a new sportster whose name evokes that of a Grand Prix engine builder from yesteryear: The Coventry Climax F1. They say they're reinventing the traditional British sports car as a doorless, sled-like racer — with F1-style… » 7/21/06 9:30am 7/21/06 9:30am