Pontiac's Plan: Solstice Coupe Coming in 2009

Automotive News reports this week on GM's plans for its future as a profitable concern (at least for now) One point on Pontiac's timeline that grabbed our fleeting attention span was the year 2009. That's when AW says the previously rumored Solstice Coupe is due (Note: 2002 Solstice Coupe Concept pictured). Destined… » 7/31/07 8:22am 7/31/07 8:22am

Report: Passat-Based Volkswagen "Four Door Coupe" Coming to Detroit '08

Considering the Phaeton debacle (or genius, depending on your definition) Volkswagen's setting a lower bar with its next luxury model — a coupe-like four-door that's been in the rumor mill since the Grover Cleveland administration. Now, according to German mag AutomobilWoche (translation: Automobile Wookie), the… » 7/02/07 7:55am 7/02/07 7:55am