Mazda Speaks on Ship Mishap: Cougar Ace Cars Won't Be Sold as New

Mazda released a statement yesterday indicating that vehicles aboard the fubar'd car-carrying ship, Cougar Ace will not be sold at dealerships as new. But — and here's ther part where you feel around for your wallet — repairable cars would be "made available for sale as used cars through Mazda's dealer network in the… »9/12/06 8:07am9/12/06 8:07am

Cougar Ace Makes It To Alaska, Mazdas Inside Did A Shake n' Bake

The United States Coast Guards Dutch Harbor Marine Safety Detachment is now reporting that the Cougar Ace, the Mitsui OSK Lines owned vessel that rolled in waters south of the Aleutian islands, subjecting its cargo of nearly 5,000 vehicles, including over 1,400 Mazda 3-series to a rough n' tumble and shake n' bake… »8/21/06 4:31pm8/21/06 4:31pm