Circuit Of The Americas Still Hasn't Paid Formula One Hosting Fees: Report

A $33 million dollar hosting fee that was supposed to be paid ahead of last month’s Formula One United States Grand Prix has yet to be paid by Circuit of the Americas, according to a report published in the Austin American-Statesman. That fee was supposed to be paid ahead of the October 25 race date.
»11/19/15 6:43pm11/19/15 6:43pm


Circuit Of The Americas CEO Out After Disastrous Rainy Austin Formula One Weekend

Circuit of the Americas announced today that president and CEO Jason Dial is leaving the company. While this news comes after a disastrous Formula One weekend and a devastating rainstorm, Dial is the latest of a series of executives to have come and gone from the facility.
»11/03/15 7:30pm11/03/15 7:30pm

Austin's Formula One Circuit Was Underwater Today

Austin-area residents living near Circuit of the Americas awoke to tornado warnings this morning. If you thought it was bad last weekend and openly wondered, “How much worse can it get?,” congratulations: we’re all blaming you. COTA was so inundated with storm water that parts of it flooded today. »10/30/15 9:30pm10/30/15 9:30pm

Soggy Austin Formula One Race Was 'Financially Devastating' For Organizers: Reports

Between getting hit with torrential downpours and Formula One’s decision to host the Mexican Grand Prix only a week later, Circuit of the Americas chairman Bobby Epstein told the Austin-American Statesman that the United States Grand Prix was “a financially devastating weekend for the company.” Ouch. »10/29/15 4:15pm10/29/15 4:15pm

Feel The Seething Hatred The Mercedes F1 Drivers Have For Each Other In This Video

2015 World Drivers’ Champion Lewis Hamilton was especially ruthless to teammate Nico Rosberg during today’s United States Grand Prix. Hamilton pushed him wide on the first corner of the race to get in front. Needless to say, Rosberg didn’t like Hamilton tossing him the second place hat.
»10/25/15 5:31pm10/25/15 5:31pm

Rooster Tails From Formula One Cars Are Awesome

If there’s one thing I love about race cars running in the rain, it’s the entire spectacle of it. There’s always the chaos of running in unpredictable, ever-changing conditions, but rarely do your eyeballs experience anything cooler than the massive rooster tails of water that get thrown up by the cars.
»10/25/15 10:00am10/25/15 10:00am

Why Austin Is The Perfect Place For Motorsports

Every time there’s a major race in Austin, someone always questions why. Why are we going here? Why didn’t we go somewhere else that lives and breathes motorsport instead? Thus, I feel somewhat compelled to stand up for this place and say nah, we’re awesome, and you’re nuts if you haven’t been here. »10/23/15 1:59pm10/23/15 1:59pm

Expect Delicious Chaos At Austin's F1 Race Thanks To Vettel's Grid Penalty

Mathematically, Mercedes Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton could clinch a third world driver’s championship this weekend. Because one of the key players in that equation will take a grid penalty for this weekend’s United States Grand Prix, Hamilton’s job just got a bit easier. Here’s why you should watch anyway.
»10/22/15 4:35pm10/22/15 4:35pm

Expect Austin's Formula One Grand Prix To Be Very, Very Wet

Formula One fans, I have some good news and some bad news. Bad news: if you’re coming to Austin for the United States Grand Prix, you better pack a poncho and take your best muddin’ vehicle to the track. Good news: rain is delicious chaos, and we may finally see wet F1 racing on Circuit of the Americas.
»10/21/15 6:05pm10/21/15 6:05pm

It's Been 'A Long Time Coming' For The Only American Driving In Formula One

To say it’s been a good year for Manor Marussia Formula One driver Alexander Rossi would be an understatement. He’s currently second in the GP2 Series standings, and at long last and after years of false starts, Manor Marussia gave him an F1 race drive through the end of 2015. This week, we’ll finally see an American… »10/20/15 10:29am10/20/15 10:29am

Trouble Strikes Lead Porsche In Last Hour Of Race; Gives Win To Other Porsche

Tragedy struck Porsche’s number 18 919 in the last hour of the World Endurance Championship’s 6 Hours of Circuit of the Americas. Number 18 was leading both the top LMP1 class as well as overall when an electrical issue was detected with about 40 minutes to go. Fortunately for Porsche, this only gave the win to their… »9/20/15 3:28am9/20/15 3:28am

A McLaren P1 With Roasted Tires Is The Best Roller Coaster Ever

Roller coasters can be exciting and all, but they corner like they’re on rails—literally. Yawn. Rides are so much better when the tires have been happily thrashed on all day and you get just a little bit of slip that’s controllable with competent hands. Oh, and they’re the best of all if they’re in McLaren’s latest… »5/20/15 10:00pm5/20/15 10:00pm

The Best of the 1%: Vintage Sports Car Racing at CoTA

Most rich people suck at being rich. As a broke-ass liberal arts major living well beyond my means a few streets away from the 7th richest block in America, my daily interactions with wealth consist of being cut off by Teslas and dodging the construction zones of the hideous Branch Davidian-sized compounds being built… »5/14/15 12:38pm5/14/15 12:38pm