Your Halloween Costume Will Never Be As Amazing As This Mad Max Power Wheels

Some people think Halloween isn’t as fun with kids because you can’t spend all night partying. But Cory and Jeremy Newton-Smith once again prove that Halloween is infinitely better when you’re a parent, because you get to build phenomenal costumes like this Mad Max Power Wheels. »10/26/15 10:17am10/26/15 10:17am


Check Out The 2015 Line Of Jalopnik Super-Sexy Halloween Carstumes!

Perhaps you remember last year’s introduction of Jalopnik’s line of Hypersexy Superhot Halloween Carstumes, and how it changed your life so dramatically. Since insipid sexificated costumes don’t seem to be going anywhere, we decided to make a tradition of it, so I’m happy to present our 2015 line! »10/16/15 2:04pm10/16/15 2:04pm

10 DIY Iron Man Suits That Give Tony Stark a Run for His Money

Iron Man has finally returned to theaters across the country, inevitably leaving a lot of us lusting for our own set of red and gold armor. But it turns out that billions of dollars, a genius IQ, and the magic of Hollywood aren't required to realize that dream. At least, not for these brilliant amateur creations. »5/03/13 10:29am5/03/13 10:29am