Corvette Centennial Concept: More Details, Photos On New Transformers Movie Car Star!

You asked for more, so now you're getting it — here's another load of exclusive photos of the new Corvette Centennial Concept »9/03/08 3:30pm9/03/08 3:30pm car (with video ) to be featured in next summer's blockbuster Baygasm, . You've got all sorts of great details in these shots, including the car's badge on it's rear end below the jump. Is…


Transformers 2 Corvette Centennial Design Concept Caught Filming Action Scene

We were the first to reveal the true identity of the General Motors Corvette Centennial Design Concept »8/27/08 4:30pm8/27/08 4:30pm, and now it's been spotted not just driving around, but in a full-on action scene. Followed closely by a camera car, as well as other GM product-placement-bots like and , it's hard to tell if that mean exhaust note…

EXCLUSIVE: The Transformers Mystery Car Is The Corvette Centennial Design Concept!

There's been much speculation of late on the gleaming silver "Corvette-like" concept car spotted on the set of the new Transformers movie. Some outlets have incorrectly asserted the concept is a potential design for a next-generation C7 Corvette. They're wrong. Oh, it's a Corvette, but our well-placed sources tell… »8/07/08 12:54pm8/07/08 12:54pm