Corvette Racing Dons Snazzy New Jake-Centric Paint Job For Laguna Seca

Legend has it the "Jake" logo, which acts as the badge of badass for the Corvette C6.R racing teams, was born when someone scribbled a skull in the dust surrounding the Corvette badge on the side of the team's transport semi. Others source it as a scribble on a napkin in some far flung dive bar after a victorious… »10/20/08 3:00pm10/20/08 3:00pm

Detroit's 2008 Belle Isle Grand Prix: ALMS Results And Mega Gallery

In addition to the IRL racing on Belle Isle »9/03/08 7:00am9/03/08 7:00am, we also had the fun and hard-charging swagger of ALMS racing. We has the opportunity to tag along with Corvette Racing, who snagged a swank chalet location right on the corner of turn seven this year, a perfect spot to watch the Jake-emblazoned Corvette C6.R's doing their…

New Corvette C6R Livery For 2008 ALMS Season Revealed By Badboy Vettes

Here's the new look of the Corvette C6R for the 2008 season of ALMS racing. The changes to the new "Victory Yellow" vette include blackout headlights, black BBS wheels, a reborn BlackTail and the all-new "Scrape Stripe." Oh and yeah, check it out — Badboy Vettes even got their URL on the front, right above the… »2/20/08 2:20pm2/20/08 2:20pm