Vauxhall Corsa VXR Nürburgring Edition is unattainable hot hatchness

The closest we've ever gotten to driving a Corsa in the states is the older and larger Saturn Astra, which sold poorly in the U.S. and never offered more than a low-power 1.8-liter fourbanger. Therefore it's with great sadness we announce the smaller Euro-spec Vauhall Corsa VXR Nürburgring Edition boosts power to over… » 4/20/11 12:15pm 4/20/11 12:15pm

Sorry, Gringo, No Baby Pickups For You: Chevrolet Tornado

Mexican cartruck shoppers who don't want a new VW Saveiro or Ford Courier haven't run out of options; El General makes a Camino-ized Opel Corsa! » 4/17/10 4:00pm 4/17/10 4:00pm

Geneva Getting Raft Of Uninspiring New Compacts

Geneva Motor Show is coming up in March and there will be plenty of new cars from European makers, many of which will be compact and rather blah. Here's four we're probably not going to be going ga-ga over. » 2/12/10 1:30pm 2/12/10 1:30pm

1947 Ferrari 166 Corsa Spyder: Oldest Complete Ferrari Mega-Gallery

This 1947 Ferrari 166 Corsa Spyder is one of the rarest cars in existence and also considered to be the oldest, completely original Ferrari. We've got 32 stunning, detailed images for you to drool over. » 6/19/09 4:00pm 6/19/09 4:00pm

Auto Industry Helping Advance Plastics Industry, Unfortunately

Having a vehicle that looks too plastic-y is never a good thing, but the latest and advanced plastic manufacturers like Borealis and Sabic are looking to the auto-world to help further their cause of plastic. Borealis is using the Fiat 500 as its test vehicle for TPO. TPO is polypropylene-based Daplen thermoplastic… » 4/16/08 4:40pm 4/16/08 4:40pm

South Africa Gets Opel Corsaminos!

Let's say you're in South Africa and you just can't get your hands on a good vintage 1956 Mercedes-Benzamino (or, in the local parlance, a Mercedes-Benz Bakkie). Fortunately, The General sells a Gamma-platform-based bakkie known as the Opel Corsa Utility. Sure, it's front-wheel-drive, but it's a factory-built car… » 4/01/08 8:00am 4/01/08 8:00am

Detroit Auto Show: Hummer H3R Concept, Opel Corsa OPC Join Maroon 5 on…

Looks like the General's bringing the big guns out at their "GM Style" pre-Detroit Auto Show party. That's right, they'll be bringing the "racing inspired" Hummer H3R concept — that's the LS7 7.0-liter V8-powered concept first seen at the SEMA show in October — and the Opel Corsa OPC hot-hatch right up on stage at the… » 12/26/07 10:45am 12/26/07 10:45am

It's Got Ooh! It's Got Aah! It's The Coolest Car By Far!

Now don't go confusing this '85 Vauxhall Nova with the '85 Chevrolet Nova; even though both were sold by The General, one was a rebadged Opel Corsa and the other a rebadged Toyota Corolla. But more important than the distinction between different Novas is the fact that we have have stumbled upon The Worst Rap of… » 11/28/07 1:00pm 11/28/07 1:00pm

Opel to Show Mild Hybrid Corsa in Frankfurt

Opel says it's plotting to show a hybrid version of its Corsa subcompact at the Frankfurt show, defying all those clean diesels who think so highly of themselves. The company says the comabination of a 1.3-liter gas engine and part-time electric motor add up to 62 miles per gallon US. That while spewing a mere 99… » 8/23/07 7:01am 8/23/07 7:01am

Edo Maserati MC12 Corsa

If you've got Krugerrands enough to give King Midas a case of the wobblies, and you want a GT1 racecar to take shopping, call Edo Competition. Never one to shrink from a high-buck project, Edo created a tuner version of the Maserati MC12 Corsa. That's the $1.7 million, track-only version of Maserati's Enzo-based halo… » 8/13/07 7:30am 8/13/07 7:30am

World's Largest Corvair

The Ultra Van crowns itself as the world's largest production Corvair by way of an aluminum and fiberglass monococque shell wrapped around a Corvair transaxle. As the Ultra Van itself was conceived by aircraft designer David Peterson, the biggest Corvair is more like an aluminum airplane wing in the round than a… » 5/23/07 2:00pm 5/23/07 2:00pm

Corvairs Make the Books in Burbank

A small but dedicated group of Corvair owners met at our favorite Burbank bookstore this last Saturday morning for some rear engine togetherness. Among the examples attending were a Corvair powered by a Buick V-8, and a '69 Glass Enterprises Bounty Hunter Corvair-powered Dune Buggy. Our attention was divided between… » 5/22/07 3:00pm 5/22/07 3:00pm

British Workmen Push Woman's Car, Woman Pushes Back

Have you ever found a parking ticket on your car and suspected that it was actually moved by a mysterious force? That's apparently what happened when Lisa Williams, of Wolverhampton, found her little blue Opel parked across the double yellow lines. It turns out, road workers not only picked up her car and set it… » 3/15/07 7:00pm 3/15/07 7:00pm

Hot Hatch Report: Opel Corsa OPC

Earlier this year, we got a glimpse of the new hot mini-hatch in the way from the General's Teutonic outpost at Opel. Now, the company's revealed the Corsa OPC, the latest Opel (oh sorry, blokes, and Vauxhall too, as the VXR) to be so lettered. As a hot hatch, the Corsa has all expected accouterments, including 192… » 1/03/07 8:29am 1/03/07 8:29am

More Super Exotic/Erotic Hot Italian Metal You Can't Touch: Bizzarrini…

You are engineer superstar Giotto Bizzarrini. You built the glorious, Shelby-teasing Ferrari 250 GTO. But you feud with Enzo (shocking) and are then wooed by Feruccio Lamborghini to develop an Enzo beater giving Lambo (and the world) the 350 GTV concept along with its glorious 3.5-Liter V12. You then go to work for… » 12/12/06 7:45pm 12/12/06 7:45pm

America Needs Small Cars Now! Opel's Corsa Coming To The US...In Five…

Although gas prices have dropped over recent weeks, every analyst worth his or her weight in Saudi riyals think the cost of fuel's going nowhere but up. And the automakers, especially the domestics, have seen a major flight to small cars with high mpg and low price tags...but also with a correspondingly low margin.… » 10/02/06 12:30pm 10/02/06 12:30pm

Intro The New GM Media Strategy: CEO Rick Wagoner Waxes On The Opel…

Initially we believed — and frankly many GM PR staff seemed to confirm — the General's strategy for the next 90 days was going to be "Get Rick the hell away from cameras." However, we now think we were a bit hasty in snapping to that assessment. Exhibit A would be the above announcement for the Opel Corsa. Normally,… » 7/18/06 5:45pm 7/18/06 5:45pm

The Opel Corsa? Screw That Noise, It's Sean Paul!

"Just gimme the light and pass the dro! Buss anotha bokkle a moe. Gal dem inna mi sight and I got to know, which one is gonna catch my flow!" » 7/18/06 5:18pm 7/18/06 5:18pm

Spy Photos: Opel Corsa Hot Hatch

With GM tagging several Opel models as Saturns, the "what's next" speculation is running high. Will GM transform Saturn into a one-to-one Opel doppelganger — even going so far as to bring over this new Corsa OPC hot hatch, caught recently on the N rburgring, to the US as an entry performance subcompact? Survey says,… » 5/31/06 9:28am 5/31/06 9:28am

The Maserati MC12 Corsa in a Parking Garage — in Monaco

One of the Gawkerettes, much to our considerable and unrelenting jealousy, spent Sunday in Monaco checking out the Grand Prix (go, go Alonso) from a yacht in the Mediterranean. While there, she (by the grace of Bill the parking attendant) captured a shot of the just-revealed Maserati MC12 Corsa — the track-only,… » 5/30/06 10:05am 5/30/06 10:05am