Exclusive: Nissan Suspending All North American Racing Operations for 2008

Nissan and Nissan Motorsports (NISMO) will not be sponsoring or officially participating in any motorsports activities in North American on the verge of bringing over the GT-R, the most ferocious sports car from Nissan ever for North America. Earlier in the day we reported on a rumor that Nissan was getting out of… »12/11/07 7:40pm12/11/07 7:40pm

Nissan Dumping All North American Motorsports Operations?

UPDATE:We have conformation of this rumor, read the whole post on Nissan Racing with quotes from Nissan Motors. We've heard from a little birdie that a new accountant at Nissan has determined that NISMO North America/Nissan Racing North America is too expensive and must end. That means no more Nissan-backed CORR,… »12/11/07 1:45pm12/11/07 1:45pm