Meet the world's fastest cop car

Don't even start with talk about the world's fastest cop car being in Dubai, because that's different. This is a real cop car, a Chevrolet Caprice PPV. It's Kevin Sullivan's daily driver, and it's awesome. » 7/22/14 3:42pm 7/22/14 3:42pm

Show Us the best Cop Car for a Cop

Does it need 4 seats, 2 doors, more power, more cargo space? Are the current crop the best, or should they be switched out? Does price factor in? What would be the best police car for a police officer? » 6/25/14 5:12pm 6/25/14 5:12pm

Why cops really need computers in their squad cars

Just when you were worried a police officer with SCMODS was going to notice your 36 unpaid parking tickets, this officer from Windsor, Canada demonstrates what cops really do on their toughbooks. (H/T to Matt!) » 3/02/11 4:30pm 3/02/11 4:30pm

Wild Chimp Goes Donkey Kong On A Police Car

A 300-pound chimp named "Sue" terrorized a Kansas City, Missouri neighborhood yesterday and attacked a cop car in true Donkey Kong fashion. She rolled a trash can up to its nose before smashing the windshield with a massive slap. » 10/20/10 12:15pm 10/20/10 12:15pm

Police Car Stolen By Handcuffed Drunk

Adam Segura was handcuffed in a police car after being arrested for drunk driving. He then decided to slip his hands under his legs, hop in the front and steal the unmarked car. He's now re-arrested facing twelve charges. [GeelyTribune] » 9/13/10 1:30pm 9/13/10 1:30pm

The Camaro SS Police Car Will Make You Beg To Be Arrested

The Haltom City, Texas police department's built the first patrol car out of a new Camaro SS. They could've just added a light bar. Instead, they worked with a local Texas custom shop to build one epically cool patrol car. » 3/09/10 10:30am 3/09/10 10:30am

Carbon Motors E7: NYPD Cool

Sitting in the Carbon Motors E7, you realize it's the product of police officers dreaming up the ideal vehicle for law enforcement. This dream's coming to a radar trap near you in 2012. » 4/23/09 12:01am 4/23/09 12:01am

Carbon Motors Releases Actual Photos Of Their E7 Police Car

Carbon Motors finally released non-computer generated pictures of their E7 purpose-built police car » 10/08/08 5:20pm 10/08/08 5:20pm, countering concerns that the vehicle was merely vaporware. The company has been claiming for at least a year now that the E7 will be the police car of the future but hasn't provided much in the way of proof. These…

This Cop's Beat is America, Son

"Son, you know how fast you were goin'?" If we saw this red, white and blue P71 Crown Vic in our rear-view mirror, we'd hope to hell it was five under. [ZipperHead's MySpace Page] » 7/04/08 12:00pm 7/04/08 12:00pm

Transformers Mustang Cop Car Replica Not Police Approved

A man by the name of Jesse Vigil has decked out a 2007 Mustang to look like Barricade the Saleen Mustang from Transformers and not surprisingly, the local cops don't approve. Much to the delight of Transformers fans everywhere, including Vigil's son and the inspiration for the mod, the cops can't do a damn thing as… » 3/13/08 9:40am 3/13/08 9:40am