Study Says Convertible Buyers Are Wealthy And Well Educated

There are a lot of stereotypes about convertible owners, just ask anyone that drives a Miata. Usually the assumptions are young, single, and lives in a warm climate. According to statistics from Experian Automotive, it turns out that drop-top drivers are older, well educated, and not always in the sun-belt. » 7/23/14 2:11pm 7/23/14 2:11pm

How To Trade In Your Used Car And Not Get Burned

Falling in love can be dangerous, especially when it's at a used car dealership. Bethany Porter's heart went all a-flutter once she laid eyes on a black '99 Saab 9-3 convertible with 98,000 miles on it sitting at the Geoff Rogers Autoplex in St. Peters, Missouri, home of the "price smash." She was ready to dump her… » 5/17/12 12:30pm 5/17/12 12:30pm

Kicking it with the cool kids of 1950s Kinshasa

This must be the saddest photo of happy people in the world. Taken in the narrow slit of optimism between Congo’s passing from the most terrible colony in Africa to the most terrible failed state in Africa, Jean Depara’s photos of life in Kinshasa in the early 1950s show the rambunctious Congo that could have been. » 11/29/11 3:00pm 11/29/11 3:00pm

New MINI Convertible Coming To Detroit Auto Show

The next-generation MINI Convertible » 9/26/08 9:20am 9/26/08 9:20am is set to bow at the 2009 , with models arriving in dealer showrooms just in time for warm weather cruising next spring. The most noticeable revision on the new drop-top is the lack of intrusive roll bars found on the current model. Instead, the new MINI 'vert gets a single pop-up…

Drop-Top Registrations Drop For First Time Since 2003

Automotive News reports convertible registrations, which grew steadily the past several years in the United States, slumped in 2007, dropping 8.6 percent. It's the first year since 2003 there's been a drop in registrations of vehicles designed to let the sun shine on in — even including a 1.2% drop for both No. 1 New… » 5/16/08 8:00am 5/16/08 8:00am

The Today Show's Looking For Hot Fun In The Summer Time; Drops The Top…

NBC's Today Show took a few minutes on Monday to talk about the hot temperatures — and some hot convertibles. They brought out Car & Driver Editor-in-Chief Csaba Csere — driving out a Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500, a Saturn Sky, a Volvo C70 with a bit of a hard- on top for Anne Cury to drive, and finally a Lambo… » 7/19/06 11:49am 7/19/06 11:49am