The Rare And Coveted Jeep Wrangler LJ Is Back

We know today’s Jeep Wrangler Unlimited as a four-door. But before that came out in 2007, the “Unlimited” was a long wheelbase two-door. That stretched setup was eliminated with the introduction of the current Wrangler bodystyle (JK), but the aftermarket’s just brought it back and it looks awesome. »11/02/15 8:29pm11/02/15 8:29pm


Flat-Bed School Bus Carries Chrome Knight, Political Message Around GA

I've certainly never seen a school bus sliced and re-welded to have a big, open flat section after the first three rows of seating, but that's exactly what a Georgian gubernatorial candidate seems to have built his campaign vehicle out of... toting a statue of a knight playing baseball, no less. »3/13/14 8:00pm3/13/14 8:00pm

Coach Builders Ltd. Bringing 560 HP Dodge Challenger Convertible To SEMA

You remember that recent Dodge statement basically confirming there would not be a Dodge Challenger Convertible »10/20/08 9:40am10/20/08 9:40am? Who cares if Dodge won't bring it, because it's just opening the doors for aftermarket converters like , bringing their interpretation of a drop-top Mopar pony to the show in Vegas next month. For the…