Happy birthday, Hunter S. Thompson

Had he chosen to stick around, Hunter S. Thompson would have been 77 years old today. We're just going to share this photo of the man on his ranch, annotated to point out the incredible awesomeness included therein, and we'll also say this: If you haven't read him, read him. His legacy is disquieting to this day. » 7/18/14 1:49pm 7/18/14 1:49pm

Ugly Station Wagons Are Serious Business With The 1977 Chrysler Lebaron…

It's far from the most attractive station wagon ever made, but to us that's a large part of the malaise quirk and charm of the 1977 Chrysler Lebaron Town & Country. Just don't tell the ultra serious Chrysler spokesman also featured in this vintage commercial. » 6/16/12 9:00am 6/16/12 9:00am