Jalopnik's Guide To Lemon Laws

With automakers producing hundreds of thousands of vehicles every month, there is the possibility that at least a few of them have serious problems. And with used cars there are so many things that could be wrong we couldn't possibly list them all (we'll list one: squirrels in the engine). There was a time when… » 12/07/07 1:00pm 12/07/07 1:00pm

You Rent It, You Wreck It, You Pay For It: How Not To Get Screwed On…

Our consumer-friendly friends clued us in on an article in the LA Times last week on the right way to make sure your rental car experience doesn't include a random credit card bill for any "excess wear and tear" to your rental ride. It seems a number of rental companies, especially in Europe, and including biggies… » 7/09/06 8:45am 7/09/06 8:45am

New Jersey Mulls Automotive Smoking Ban

As political will goes, anti-smoking legislation is one of the most fashionable juggernauts to slam into society along since Ugg boots. And stakes continue to rise: first public transport, then offices, restaurants, bars, golf courses (maybe) and now maybe personal vehicles. A few New Jersey legislators recently put… » 8/01/05 11:40am 8/01/05 11:40am

Governator Signs Car Buyer's Bill of Rights

The Last Action Hero signed new legislation yesterday that will allow buyers of used cars to purchase the option of having up to 48 hours to return them to the dealer for a refund, minus a restocking fee. The new law also sets caps on on financing package markups, as well as a number of other consumer-protection… » 7/27/05 9:59am 7/27/05 9:59am