Constructicon Vehicle Modes From New Transformers Movie Possibly Revealed

There was a report not too long ago about the possibility of Devastator »10/08/08 12:15pm10/08/08 12:15pm showing up in the new movie . Now it seems an Insider over at claims they've got the laundry list of construction vehicles that'll make up the Constructicons, who together will form the mega-bot. If the list is accurate, and the insider hasn't…

Report: Devastator, Seven Constructicons To Appear In Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

In case red n' blue semis and military six-by-sixes didn't offer big enough robo-thrills in the last installment of Transformers, we've now read a report Devastator, a robot formed by "seven Constructicons" (different pieces of construction equipment), will be one of the Decepticons in next summer's Transformers:… »9/11/08 10:00am9/11/08 10:00am

EXCLUSIVE TRANSFORMERS UPDATE: Bay Goes All Access Hollywood, Shows Off Constructicons?

Transformers tipster extraoirdinaire Hue Hughes sent us this constructive video tip from Access Hollywood of Michael Bay directing a scene with Shia "Spike Witwicky" LaBeouf, as he attempts to flee what still appears to us to be a Constructicon. A second scene in the video shows LaBeouf mackin' on a hottie next to a… »8/09/06 2:12pm8/09/06 2:12pm