The Syrian Civil War Has Prompted the First Withdrawal from the Doomsday Seed Vault

The Arctic Svalbard Seed Vault is designed to safeguard the seeds of 820,619 plants in the event of massive environmental catastrophe, disease, a nuclear war, or an asteroid impact. Sadly, the ongoing civil war in Syria has caused the first-ever withdrawal of its precious contents. »9/23/15 9:10pm9/23/15 9:10pm


George Clooney to Take Delivery of First Fast, Ugly Electric Tango

The Tango 600, an electric car created by Commuter Cars and built by British racing legends Prodrive, will soon be in the hands of one George Clooney, known for his work on "ER" and in various Stephen Soderbergh flicks. Designed for performance rather than aesthetics, the Tango's designed to park in narrow spaces,… »5/05/05 2:25pm5/05/05 2:25pm

Two Out of Three Americans See Buying Fuel-Efficient Vehicle 'Patriotic,' Group Says

According to an opinion poll by Opinion Research Corp., two in three Americans say buying a fuel-efficient car is a patriotic endevor. The poll is cited in the launch of, a nonpartisan group advocating for an average federal fuel efficiency standard of 40 miles per gallon. The survey also found three out of… »3/21/05 12:42pm3/21/05 12:42pm