A Hyper-Detailed 3D Map of NYC, Made by Laser Airplanes

New York is fairly forward-thinking when it comes to energy innovation, but it's pretty terrible when it comes to solar. City College of New York wants to change that, so they created an interactive solar map of the city using laser airplanes. » 6/18/11 8:00am 6/18/11 8:00am

Volvo to Build Greenhouse-Gas-Free Truck Plant

A new Volvo Trucks plant in Tuve, Sweden will be the first CO2-free automotive plant in the world, with electricity and heating systems driven by wind power and biofuel. According to Green Car Congress, Volvo worked with technologists at G teborg Energi to build five wind power plants and a biofuel plant, which will… » 9/27/05 2:48pm 9/27/05 2:48pm

A Look At the New, Small Cars Coming to North America

Treehugger is so pleased Japanese carmakers have decided to ship some of their smallest specimens to North America — and, in some cases, all the way to the US — that they've devoted column inches to examining some of the models on the way, like the Toyota Yaris and Honda Fit (both of which are bound for the states).… » 9/09/05 12:48pm 9/09/05 12:48pm

Forbes on CAFE Standards: Let the Market Dictate

Big surprise that fat-cappy press, Forbes isn't in favor of imposing Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards to dictate automakers' fleet-wide gas mileage. This past Tuesday, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta outlined the government's plan to alter mileage standards for all light trucks sold in the US. » 8/25/05 1:57pm 8/25/05 1:57pm

George Clooney to Take Delivery of First Fast, Ugly Electric Tango

The Tango 600, an electric car created by Commuter Cars and built by British racing legends Prodrive, will soon be in the hands of one George Clooney, known for his work on "ER" and in various Stephen Soderbergh flicks. Designed for performance rather than aesthetics, the Tango's designed to park in narrow spaces,… » 5/05/05 2:25pm 5/05/05 2:25pm

More on Hydraulic Hybrids

Our man Bruno, at the University of Michigan's Automotive Research Center, hipped us to the fact that the EPA has been playing around with hydraulic drive systems for a while. He notes, "They work especially well for larger vehicles, where batteries are becoming very expensive. Also, the large mass of SUVs & delivery… » 5/04/05 1:45pm 5/04/05 1:45pm

Punks Against Cars!

We cut our teeth on punk rock, but having loved cars since before we even had teeth, we find sites like this one annoying. Now, we love bicycles, and if our knees weren't so shot, we'd still ride. We even (rather unsuccessfully) raced BMX back in the late '80s, early '90s. This isn't to say that we wouldn't like to… » 4/28/05 5:41pm 4/28/05 5:41pm

Two Out of Three Americans See Buying Fuel-Efficient Vehicle…

According to an opinion poll by Opinion Research Corp., two in three Americans say buying a fuel-efficient car is a patriotic endevor. The poll is cited in the launch of 40mpg.org, a nonpartisan group advocating for an average federal fuel efficiency standard of 40 miles per gallon. The survey also found three out of… » 3/21/05 12:42pm 3/21/05 12:42pm