2010 Ford Transit Connect Refresh Photos Leaked

Update: We've since published complete details and in-depth images at our official reveal of the 2010 Ford Transit Connect
Photos of what appear to be the refreshed 2010 Ford Transit Connect have appeared on the BurlappCars website, showing off the vehicle's more kinetic design. A photo of the redesigned interior… » 2/06/09 12:15am 2/06/09 12:15am

Chicago Auto Show: 2009 Ford Transit Connect Variants Take Bow

We saw the first two versions of the 2009 Ford Transit Connect a little earlier, but now we've seen 'em up close and personal. Four differently outfitted models of the light duty van were shown off in an effort to showcase the vans versatility. The first two we saw were dressed up for a wine delivery company and a… » 2/06/08 3:51pm 2/06/08 3:51pm

Chicago Auto Show: 2009 Ford Transit Connect Early Peek

Those darn kids are always leaving stuff laying around - like 2009 Ford Transit Connects that aren't supposed to be free to see for another couple hours. We've heard they are bringing four different varieties of customized to show off here in Chicago and it looks like we're seeing two of them here. One appears to be… » 2/06/08 11:40am 2/06/08 11:40am

Ford Transit Connect Official For US Market

Even though we got a sneak peak at it during the Showlopnik coverage, Ford has officially dropped the pics for it's Transit Connect on us. Now, it doesn't look a heck of a lot different then the Euro model, but there are some differences. True, it will be built in the same plant and Turkey, and it will still be based… » 2/06/08 12:01am 2/06/08 12:01am

Ford Transit Connect Gets Early Partial Reveal From Chicago Auto Show Blog?

We had the pleasure of meeting a few of the ladies (and occasional gent) from the Chicago Auto Show Intern Blog Showlopnik, which lovingly parodies the name of our site. While talking to them they were busily prepping their stories and had mentioned they'd walked the floor to take pictures. We were hopping they'd… » 2/04/08 10:45pm 2/04/08 10:45pm

Spy Photos: Manufacturer-Plated Transit Connect Spotted In SoCal

We knew FoMoCo might be interested in bringing the Transit Connect van stateside, it looks like eagle-eyed tipster Sean spotted this Transit Connect with Michigan manny plates taking a stroll down the street in sunny SoCal. Although the Transit's a great idea for any mid-size business interested in moving goods from… » 6/01/07 8:33am 6/01/07 8:33am

Speedy Delivery: The Ford Transit Connect X-Press

When it absolutely, positively has to get from zero to 60 in under 7 seconds, think Ford Connect X-Press. And speaking of Europe-only vehicles we're coveting, Ford just revealed that very van. The X-Press incorporates the running gear of the Ford Focus RS WRC (yes, among the hottest of hatches) to make it possibly… » 1/03/07 9:41am 1/03/07 9:41am