Opulent Air Travel Is Reaching a New Level of Lunacy with Seats On Top of the Plane

Instead of offering reliable on-time service, zero baggage fees, and decent meals, airlines seem willing to try anything else to fill seats. According to Windspeed, an aerospace engineering company, one aircraft maker plans to offer its over-the-top SkyDeck seats as an option to its clients.

The McLaren MP4-X Concept Is A Radical Vision Of Racing's Future

The designers at McLaren Applied Technologies put together a bold vision of the future outside of any current series regulations to show what could be done if Formula One would just let them. The MP4-X concept sounds as if it’s straight out of science fiction, and we’d love to see some of its ideas become reality.


Can Honda Make A Three-Wheeled Motorcycle That Doesn't Suck?

Performance tricycles are a strange segment. The Can-Am Spyder proved halfway decent to ride but embarrassing to be seen on. The Polaris Slingshot is polarizing, though we love it around these parts. Now Honda presents the Neowing concept; which of course they say does it all without compromise. What do you think?

We Cannot Allow This Awful Idea for Airport Design to Become Real

Airports and cities don’t get along for a few specific reasons—namely, air pollution, noise pollution, and plain old risk. As such, some designers think that a future of increased urban density could be an opportunity to mix things up. This concept for a new airport in downtown Stockholm is simply mixed up.

We Cannot Allow This Awful Idea for Airplane Seating to Become Real

Airplanes used to be luxurious things, laden with fine china and unlimited wine. But over the years, the glory of flying has faded—giving way to broken technology (frustrating), bruised knees (painful), terrible smells (actually dangerous!). Yet, somehow, someone has figured out a way to make things worse.