MOD Squad Hits Triple Diamonds in Third Year

Having been to the first annual Mitsubishi Owners Day three years ago, the sheer number of Lancer Evolutions tearing up the roads today seems almost impossible. So many EVOS appeared that the cars overflowed onto the nearby streets of MMUSA HQ. While there was some temporary grumbling that Prototype X showed up… » 7/15/07 3:30pm 7/15/07 3:30pm

Tokyo Auto Salon: Mitsubishi Concept X and Son

While Mitsubishi was unveiling the proto-Evo, Prototype X, at the Detroit auto show last week, over at the Tokyo Auto Salon it was teasing the crowd with a smaller-scale version of its earlier Evo concept, Concept X. Parked next to the concept was a tiny knockoff created by Kidzania Tokyo. According to Nihon Car and… » 1/17/07 8:41am 1/17/07 8:41am

Spy Photos: Mitsubishi Concept X Rally

From the looks of these cameraphone shots — allegedly taken at Mitsubishi Design Europe in Trebur, Frankfurt during a day tour — Mitsu is planning a Rally edition of its Concept X prototype, possibly for the Paris show. (The shots surfaced on Evo fan site This scale model may hearken what's to come… » 8/02/06 12:24pm 8/02/06 12:24pm

Tokyo Motor Show: Concept X to be Next

At the Tokyo motor show next month, Mitsubishi is showing a Japan-focused version of the Concept-X Sportback it unveiled in Frankfurt (maybe even in beautiful Photoshop red, like the press shot), which comes ever closer to the next-generation Evo X that will take its shape. Having already said the concept introduces… » 9/28/05 1:51pm 9/28/05 1:51pm