I'm Tesla's New Intern, And This Is My Electric Car

Twenty-year-old Chad Conway recently beat out hundreds of other college students to become Tesla Motors's only undergrad intern. He got the gig because he's an electric-car freak, restoring this 1980 ComutaCar in high school. This is his story. —Ed. » 5/11/10 11:00am 5/11/10 11:00am

The Sebring-Vanguard Electric CitiCar Takes You Anywhere At 40 MPH...As…

So you want a plug-in electric but don't feel like waiting to buy a Chevy Volt or a Tesla Roadster? Do you also only need to hit 40 MPH on a straightaway and said straightaway is only 40 miles long? Then maybe you need to get yourself a 110V plug-in 1979 Sebring-Vanguard electric CitiCar. Oh, you can't find one of the… » 2/24/08 1:00pm 2/24/08 1:00pm