Dr. Brown, Let's Watch "Back to the Future": Mac Mini in a DeLorean

Thanks to Make magazine, we got wind of a DeLorean owner who's installed a Mac Mini entertainment hub hooked to a video projection unit and a 37" screen in his beloved gull-winged wonder. Question: If Dr. Brown and Marty McFly were to watch "Back to the Future" in this rig at 88 mph, would this awkward stab at… » 6/06/06 12:00pm 6/06/06 12:00pm

Volkswagen to Show AV-equipped Eos at CeBit

Volkswagen announced it was showing off a new automotive AV study, in the form of its new Eos convertible, at the CeBIT exhibition in Hanover, Germany this week. The study, a joint project with Microsoft, employs a car PC from inperio Systems — powered by a 650 MHz Intel Celeron Processor — with 256 MB of RAM and a… » 3/07/06 12:19pm 3/07/06 12:19pm

GadzBOOKs!: In-Dash Integration of Apple Powerbook

Why tie up a bunch of computing power on a car system you'll probably use a couple hours a week? (uh, because we live in a land of computing excess? Oh, wait, that was a rhetorical question.) Car gadget site Foursprung uncovered an account of a tricky in-dash integration project involving an Audi A6, an Apple… » 12/14/05 7:04am 12/14/05 7:04am