12 Computers Who Are Complete Bastards

There are so many artificial intelligences that are evil: they try to kill their creator, or kill all humans, or take over the world, or all three. But some AIs do this with charisma and style, while others are complete dicks about it. Here’s a look at a dozen computers who must have had “be an asshole” near the… » 4/04/13 2:51pm 4/04/13 2:51pm

Chrysler and Daimler Partner On Hard Und Strong Steel

No aluminum anywhere in sight, but the two former partners making up the German-American hybrid look to be playing nicely together on the shteel side of the combo. The jilted lover and their big German ex announced today a success coming from a tag-team with the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI). The threesome… » 8/22/07 11:45am 8/22/07 11:45am