Jeep Compass: Jalopnik's Buyer's Guide

The Jeep Compass only exists because Chrysler has paid for all the tooling and every one they sell is pretty much pure profit. It’s a pretty poor excuse for an automobile. What do you need to know before you make a huge mistake and buy a Jeep Compass? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything right here in our Buyer’s… »9/02/15 1:28pm9/02/15 1:28pm


Hey Corvette Z06! My Compass Will Totally School You...Or Not

Not to be outdone by the Corvette Z06 GM sent round the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix road course by the folks from the General, some putz took his Jeep Compass out on the track — you know, to see how it's done. Unfortunately, he didn't crash into a barricade as he slowly made his way through a few of the turns.… »8/31/07 4:45pm8/31/07 4:45pm

Jeep Stops Head-Bobbing: LaSorda Pissed At Everyone, Sends Marketing For Jeep Brand Out To Bid

Apparently Tom LaSorda's got some serious rage going on today. We're assuming it's about the terrible head-bobbing ads for the Jeep Compass and not just random displays of bravado in the face of what'll more than likely be a terrible Valentine's Day tomorrow. The ads, which were criticized by both the ad pundit class… »2/13/07 5:19pm2/13/07 5:19pm

Chrysler's UAW Rank-and-File May Feel Their Temp-erature Rise In Illinois

Chrysler's been hyping the new third shift being added to the Toledo, Ohio plant to boost production of the Liberty-platform Dodge Nitro SUV. And no wonder — they're hiring the 750 added workers in Toledo from the pool of UAW workers sitting around in the job bank. That's the type of news that makes the UAW very… »6/16/06 10:34am6/16/06 10:34am