Consumers Moving Towards Less Massive Rides

Rising gas prices are unsurprisingly prompting consumers to look towards more efficient motoring choices, according to J.D. Powers. The shift towards four-bangers and compact machines new and used is broad in scope, but gradual in speed. These same consumers are evidently in no great hurry to trade in their F-350… » 5/24/07 4:00pm 5/24/07 4:00pm

Nissan's New Entry-Level Compacts to Be Built in Mexico

Nissan executives say the US won't see a version of its current Japan-only Cube, nor will it get a facsimile of its Japan-only Tilda. It will, however, get a new entry-level hatchback (in summer 2006) and sedan (2007) based on the Renault-derived platform responsible for Nissan's Sport Concept, unveiled in March at… » 7/26/05 9:31am 7/26/05 9:31am