Project Car Hell, 1958 Edition: Mercury Commuter or Vespa 400?

Yesterday's all-Corvette Choose Your Eternity poll resulted in the '68 just barely edging out the '69, no doubt due to the Jimi Hendrix connection. Now it's time to try a different type of theme; we haven't yet seen a selection of cars based on a model year alone, so today we're going with two vastly different- yet… »2/14/08 5:00pm2/14/08 5:00pm


1960 Mercury Commuter Station Wagon, With Bonus Wagon Poll

What's better than a regular station wagon? Why, a pink four-door hardtop station wagon with about 800 pounds of chrome, of course! I'm actually pretty familiar with this car, because I've known the owner for many years (and in fact was with him on the day a few years back when he bought it from the original owner).… »2/12/08 9:30am2/12/08 9:30am