How The Utes Were Won: Holden Spot Traces Pickup-car History

Atop a sound bed provided by Melbourne's own Jet — a band that knows its way around a royalty check, having become a raspy accompanist to the iPod, Vodafone, TV's Alias and the big screen's Spiderman 2 — is this history lesson from GM's Holden. It's a one-minute retrospective of Australian utes — that is, pickup-cars… »10/02/07 6:00am10/02/07 6:00am


Dodge "Grabs Life" By Going Bold And Killing Horns In New Ad Campaign

The horn-y brand has got a new owner and now they've got a newly shortened tagline. Dodge is going from "Grab life by the horns" to just simply "Grab life" and now they've got a new ad campaign to sell it. They've done it on the cheap though, snagging images from old commercials, tossed together with images of… »7/09/07 9:45am7/09/07 9:45am

Super Bowl Ad Watch: Men Want To Bump N' Grind With The Chevy HHR???

Eew. Gross. And really, on this college kid produced Super Bowl ad for the General's Chevy brand — that's all we're gonna say about that. I think we may have just vomited in our mouths a little. Although we've got to look on the bright side — at least Johnny O'Connell wasn't in this one as well. I can take the man… »2/03/07 6:38pm2/03/07 6:38pm

Exclusive Ad Watch: The Cadillac XLR-V Is A Punk Rocker, Bored With Lookin' Good

I could say something cliche about how "street prophets" here on the "mean streets" of Detroit "dropped" this "world premiere" of Cadillac's newest ads, featuring some old "Caddilac style" "mighty-morphing" into the new XLR-V hotness, into our grubby little hands, whispering into my ear that it's set to debut over… »10/27/06 5:00pm10/27/06 5:00pm

Jalopnik Late Night: Eagle One Takes On The Cheerleader Car Wash, With Nuns

We saw this over the weekend flipping between channels, laughed a bit, then forgot about it. But it is a pretty funny commercial and one of the few that begs the question: "Isn't it really icky that schools/churches/charities use underage girls in bikinis to raise money via a soapy car wash?" Notice how overage… »4/28/06 12:59am4/28/06 12:59am