Tulsa's Not That Far: Thrill of the Road

Tom Albrecht (front) and J.F. Musial, hosts of Thrill of the Road.

I always felt at home when we entered Colorado, where the plains became arid, the rabbit bush prolific. (Occasionally we would take "the southern route," heading into the harsh rocks of northern Texas or New Mexico.) Our search was for elusive river… » 10/30/07 12:00pm 10/30/07 12:00pm

The Other Side of the Wind: The Trials of a Transcontinental Record

Ahhh, the French champagne has always been celebrated for its excellence! Alex Roy doused with bubbly upon successful breaking of the transcontinental record.

Orson Welles once spoke of "the confidence of ignorance" in terms of the beginning of both his stage and screen careers. Henry Rollins once remarked that he… » 10/15/07 12:30pm 10/15/07 12:30pm

Way to Ruin Hello Kitty...Again

So, we saw this a couple of days ago, but we've been taking some time to ponder our response to these aftermarket Hello Kitty wheels. Since one of us is a big Hello Kitty fan, people are always sending me links to all things HK, along with messages that say things like, "look how cute!" or, "I bet you'd love this!"… » 10/05/07 9:30am 10/05/07 9:30am

Fifty Years of Kerouac's "On The Road"

Fourteen years before the United States mandated exit numbers on Dwight Eisenhower's brainchild of a road system, a Lowell, Mass native of French-Canadian extraction named Jean-Louis Lebris de Kerouac published a novel that would change countless lives; a mash note to an already-dead America living under the weight of… » 9/13/07 1:30pm 9/13/07 1:30pm

Rolling Nirvana

Imperfect perfection as a child is rarely equaled as an adult. Why do we remember games of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" more fondly than some random hookup with a hottie picked up in a bar? Adult perfection is just more complicated. Spouses, jobs, locales, children of our own that we want to stuff so… » 8/30/07 1:00pm 8/30/07 1:00pm

California Driving Tax Bill AB616 Moves to Senate

A bill requiring annual smog inspections for vehicles over fifteen years old is moving onto the California state senate. AB616 also contains a provision for additional money generated by the previously bi-annual inspections to be deposited into an account. The funds in this account would then be used in part to scrap… » 8/16/07 3:00pm 8/16/07 3:00pm

I Voted No on the 250 GTO

While the Loverman and I agree on a great many things and have quite possibly slept with too many of the same women (all before we knew each other), now and then there is a great schism. DAF vs. FAF, Evo vs. WRX. Killdozer vs. Dave Matthews. Okay, so the last one was a complete and utter lie. But the 250 GTO is… » 7/31/07 6:15pm 7/31/07 6:15pm

Autoextremist Applauds Imperial Execution

His Royal Peetness is huzzahing like a madman at Chrysler's decision to do in the Imperial, calling it "the wrong car, at the wrong time, from the wrong car company" and hoping that the decision to cancel the ill-proportioned behemoth may be the sign of common sense beginning to prevail in the hallways of Auburn… » 7/19/07 8:15pm 7/19/07 8:15pm

Phantom Margarine Dies on the Vine

We noted earlier that Chrysler has killed the Imperial. You know, generally, we're for V8, rear drive cars. Success, after all, begets success, so we were thrilled to see the 300, Magnum, Charger and revised Mustang lead to the Challenger, the Interceptor, Camaro and G8, but after the inital "What is that?" shock… » 7/17/07 7:45pm 7/17/07 7:45pm

The Guild of Calamitous Intent

Walking up 22nd Street Hill is serious business for those of us not quite in the shape we'd like to be. It demands no smoking and an application of earnest Southeastern post-hardcore. And on the varying incline up 25th to Western Ave., we noticed a certain stride to the music, which got us thinking about the… » 7/17/07 6:00pm 7/17/07 6:00pm

The Toyota Prius — Is it the Ronnie James Déesse?

When I was twenty, I studied in Germany. Bonn, to be exact. I had a friend there named Kai who loved techno and had just received his first car, some sort of Citroën hatchback. It was red, and he hoped someday to buy an Audi with an S in front of its numeral. But at that point, he had what we all ended up calling… » 7/13/07 4:45pm 7/13/07 4:45pm

Return To Us Our Manta! It Shall Save GM!

Call me "Ich-Manni." Here in the electron-bright pages of tha Jalop, I have often implored manufacturers to bring back a simple, lightweight RWD sports coupe. We collectively have bemoaned the lack of availability of certain European models built by American manufacturers but not sold on our shores. And of course, I… » 6/29/07 4:30pm 6/29/07 4:30pm

The Way It Hits You, Or a Three-Way Tie For First

I've known my girlfriend for years. We met as teenagers and immediately connected. We kept in touch sporadically, went through a lot of parallel experiences and a multitude of different ones. Way back when, she thought I was a goofy punk rocker with bad taste in motor vehicles, but she wrote about my cars and I… » 6/22/07 4:59pm 6/22/07 4:59pm

Autoextremist Upset About Porsche Detroit Snub

Denizens of the Motown are proud of their city. And we understand why. It's a great place with plenty of friendly people and lots of good food. But Detroit has one problem — when it comes to cars, it still thinks that it's the center of the universe. The Brucemeisters at Porsche obviously don't see it that way,… » 6/14/07 5:45pm 6/14/07 5:45pm

Manta - der Film, Total Geil!

Truth be told, my Manta fixation goes back over 25 years. As a kid visiting Northern Ireland, I was inextricably drawn to GM's Euro ponycar; it seemed the most American thing on the road, coiffed, as it was with cues that spoke of Yankee muscle. Camaro ducktail here, Monza curve there. Okay, fine. I was influenced… » 6/08/07 4:45pm 6/08/07 4:45pm

Standing at the Gates of the West: So-Cal Hot Rodding and the War

To Joe Strummer and Mick Jones, the Gates of the West may have been New York City. Or Saint Louis. Or San Francisco, where they holed up to record overdubs and vocal tracks for Give 'Em Enough Rope with Sandy "More Cowbell" Pearlman. But for many returning soldiers at the end of World War II, the Gates of the West… » 5/28/07 4:30pm 5/28/07 4:30pm

Does Chevy Need a Four-Door Corvette?

It's a fait accompli Aston Martin and Porsche are launching a pair of low-slung, coupe-like sedans — the Rapide and Panamera, respectively — and whispers of a similar BMW peaked on arrival of the company's CS concept. Does that mean a new sub-class of touring sedan will be the latest must-have for sport-minded… » 5/17/07 9:26am 5/17/07 9:26am

Fast as a Shark: East of Eden: The Fall of the Gumball 3000

Alex Roy, Gumball organizer Julie Brangstrup and Michael Ross just before the cars are released at at the airport in Athens. » 5/07/07 1:00pm 5/07/07 1:00pm


Your Future Belongs to Us: NHTSA Embraces Orwell's Darkest Visions

As some of you know, the NHTSA has mandated that all new cars sold in 2012 have stability control as standard equipment. And trust us, during the Mayan apocalypse, you're going to need it. However, it turns out that stability control is just the beginning. Newer regulations will begin mandating technology like… » 4/26/07 6:30pm 4/26/07 6:30pm

Fast as a Shark: Living on Chinese Rocks

I can't in truth call my Shanghai trip a comedy of errors, although there were errors, one of which resulted in my flying home first class. And while some of the Engrish I encountered was laugh-out-loud gut-busting. I can't quite refer to it as a tragedy, either. What it was, however, was a slightly nebulous,… » 4/25/07 3:45pm 4/25/07 3:45pm