This Studebaker Commander Sedan Looks Ready For Takeoff

Welcome to Found Around Town, where we feature cars we find in a city where interesting ones are rare because everyone drives a Prius or rides a bicycle: Austin, Texas. » 9/16/12 9:00am 9/16/12 9:00am

Tornado Levels Woman's House, Spares Her Jeep

The tornado that struck the town of Dexter in Southeast Michigan last week took dead aim at a row of houses along Wilson Street in the Orchards River Hill subdivision. When the twister cleared, nearly everything was destroyed. Everything except this one Jeep Commander that miraculously appears untouched. » 3/19/12 10:00am 3/19/12 10:00am

Police Chase Ends In Hard Drive Onto Golf Green

Golfers in Sarasota County, Florida spotted a Jeep Commander speeding along with cop cars in hot pursuit Sunday on the local golf course. No, it was not a scene from Caddy Shack III, it was 55-year-old Issa Alyan evading police. » 6/29/10 12:30pm 6/29/10 12:30pm

Jeep Commander To Get Canned Before End Of First Product Cycle

Neidermeyer, Dead! Dean Wormer, Dead! Jeep Commander, Dead! This, at least, according to Bloomberg and their sources. The largest of Jeeps, the Commander, never quite found a place for itself in this mean old world. Despite carrying Jeep's styling over into a vehicle capable of carrying seven semi-comfortably, not… » 4/14/08 1:20pm 4/14/08 1:20pm

Spy Photos: Jeep Commander CRD?

Our friends from the D over at How Bourgeois were out tooling about when they happened upon something we've not yet seen stateside, but have heard rumors of for almost a year now — a CRD Jeep Commander. So what do we think — is this manny-plated SUV a harbinger of the German-American hybrid shipping over a 3.0-liter… » 4/18/07 1:30pm 4/18/07 1:30pm

Ad Watch Exclusive: Chrysler Fires One Past The Censors

Looks like the folks at BBDO Detroit were having all sorts of fun while filming those web-only ads we found creative on earlier this week for the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid, creating a few different versions. But these two commercials for the Jeep Commander (above) and the Chrysler 300 (below the… » 11/24/06 12:06pm 11/24/06 12:06pm

Ad Watch: Chrysler Group's Looking For You To Make The Folgers Switch

Chrysler's using the same idea as the "if you can find a better car, buy it" ads — except this time they're striking straight into foreign territory with some humor in these web-only BBDO Detroit ads designed to push import-owners into buying new Chrysler Group vehicles. The first commercial, above is for the… » 11/22/06 5:12pm 11/22/06 5:12pm

Edmunds Crash-Tests the Jeep Commander

Thankfully, Inside Line's Kelly Toepke and her husband Barry escaped this wreck with a few broken bones and their six-year-old daughter was fine. In an attempt to avoid a spinning Forester smacked by an alleged hoon, Barry ended up driving the long-term test Commander onto a grass median and into a tree.… » 9/08/06 4:30pm 9/08/06 4:30pm

Startech Tunes the Jeep Commander

If there's a European Chrysler to mess with, you know Brabus's Startech geeks will show up with slide-rule in hand. This time, they've set upon the Jeep Commander CRD, creating an add-on performance processor, the SD6, which — along with a stainless-steel sport exhaust — boosts horsepower to 262 (from 218) and torque… » 7/12/06 8:07am 7/12/06 8:07am

Right Hand Green: Jeep Cherokee Converted for Right Drive for Sale on…

Holy crap, this is the scariest vehicle we've seen in ages. It's a US model Jeep Cherokee Sport converted to right-hand-drive for rural-route mail delivery, or for the UK, Australia, or Japanese buyer who takes his No Fear sticker literally. Comes complete with Darwin Award brand belt, guaranteed not to snap unless… » 2/13/06 3:09pm 2/13/06 3:09pm

Jalopnik Reviews: 2006 Jeep Commander, Part 3

Why you should buy this car: It s a Jeep. It s a well-built Jeep. It s a well-built Jeep that looks like a Cherokee Limited from the late-80 s. If you re a nostalgic outdoorsy-type who doesn t mind torturing that spare set of sprogs, you re good to snow. » 11/19/05 4:42pm 11/19/05 4:42pm

Jalopnik Reviews: 2006 Jeep Commander, Part 2

Exterior Design *
Just what the world needs: a large, gas-guzzling SUV with all the aerodynamic efficiency of a flying brick. Why didn t I think of that? » 11/17/05 5:00pm 11/17/05 5:00pm

Jalopnik Reviews: 2006 Jeep Commander, Part 1

So I was heading toward the new Commander when a-million-miles-from-MILF Mommy commandeers me. "Is that the new Jeep?" she asks, cutting off my escape route. Oh crap. She gazes at the Commander
s ungainly form like a crutch-wielding supplicant encountering a vision of The Mother Mary polishing the cross at Fatima
s… » 11/16/05 9:00am 11/16/05 9:00am

Pox on the Box on the Rocks: Dan Neil Decommissions the Jeep Commander

We've always thought designers of the Jeep Commander, in taking the shortest route to Seven-Passengerburgh, resigned themselves to a short-cut through Squaresville. Sure, it's the easiest solution to the "gotta have an extra row of seats" argument, but, as Dan Neil points out in this week's review, it makes for some… » 11/09/05 2:17pm 11/09/05 2:17pm

Jeep Rolls Out 2006 Commander SUV, Officially

One slab-sided seven seater, hold the bacon. Jeep's new Commander, officially unveiled at the New York Auto Show in March, is ready for slime time — of the off-road mud or smeared kid-food variety. Built on the same platform as the Grand Cherokee, Jeep's room-for-a-million SUV comes with a wide powertrain options… » 8/10/05 10:24am 8/10/05 10:24am

Jeep Begins Commander SUV Production

Chrysler has launched production of its new, three-row top-hat on P245/65R17s, the Commander SUV. Jeep's latest model is being assembled at the company's Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit, where the Jeep Grand Cherokee has been built since 1992 — and where the Cherokee's SRT-8 version will be built beginning… » 7/28/05 6:33pm 7/28/05 6:33pm