In memory of the men and women who lost their lives in the quest for space exploration. NASA Administrator Charles Bolden participates in a wreath laying ceremony as part of NASA's Day of Remembrance, Friday, Jan. 31, 2014, at Arlington National Cemetery. » 2/02/14 3:36pm 2/02/14 3:36pm

This Concept Art From The Shuttle Program's Early Days Is Gorgeous,…

The arrival of Endeavour in Los Angeles last week has been described by many as the final note in the coda to NASA's shuttle program. To commemorate its end, we turned to the program's beginnings, where we discovered a stunning assortment of high resolution concept art. (If you've been hunting for a new background… » 9/25/12 11:40am 9/25/12 11:40am

Deputy traveling 119 MPH Before ‘Spectacular’ Crash

Can you even tell that this is an unmarked Chevy Tahoe? That's because a Columbia, SC Sheriff's Deputy rolled it at 119 MPH while driving through a 45 MPH zone. Allegedly chasing a gun-wielding drug dealer, the officer in question has just been suspended for five days without pay. » 5/23/12 9:00am 5/23/12 9:00am

Don't Mess With The Beach Master Unit

The Navy is good at naming things. Example: the Beach Master Unit 1. Here's BMU1 supporting a humanitarian and civic assistance mission in Colombia. Photo Credit: Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Jonathen E. Davis/U.S. Navy. » 8/10/10 9:00am 8/10/10 9:00am

NASCAR: Colombia

Colombia is not home to many important racing championships, so how they birthed racer Juan Pablo Montoya was a bit of a mystery until we learned about the country's famous downhill homemade car race — the approximate equivalent of NASCAR. » 10/27/09 5:15pm 10/27/09 5:15pm

Tobey Maguire To Play Racing Legend Phil Hill In The Limit

Tobey Maguire is set to produce and star in The Limit, playing Phil Hill as he challenges Ferrari teammate Wolfgang von Trips for the 1961 World Championship. » 3/30/09 4:15pm 3/30/09 4:15pm