Storybook Ending Eludes Datsun 280ZX-Engined Firebird

We were hoping— without much basis in anything resembling reality— that the L28ET-powered 3rd-gen Firebird would utterly dominate this weekend's LeMons race. Sadly, a roaring engine fire ended the aptly named FireKats' run at a major trophy. » 7/11/10 9:45pm 7/11/10 9:45pm

VW-Powered Renault, Datsun-Powered Pontiac: BS Inspections At The BFE…

Somewhere between Denver and Kansas— actually, at High Plains Raceway in Colorado— the LeMons Supreme Court spent Friday checking alleged $500 race cars for possible cheating and/or general awesomeness. Some of the former, vast quantities of the latter! » 7/10/10 1:00am 7/10/10 1:00am