Slight Bump In The Classic Car Market NOBODY PANIC

I am not, in any way, shape, or form, a certified financial advisor, nor a wealth management planner. (Not in this country, anyway.) That being said, INVESTING PRO TIP: The classic car market is in the midst of an enormous bubble. Get out while you still can. Case (probably not) in point, the market just took its… »6/16/15 10:35am6/16/15 10:35am


There's Some Amazing Stuff At The Upcoming Collector Car Auction

In honor of Collector Car Appreciation Day on July 11 (oops), Auctions America is holding a big auction of some really interesting collectible cars. They were nice enough to let me check out some of them before the July 31 auction. I'm pretty sure my presence devalued the cars a bit, so, you're welcome, bidders. »7/22/14 9:00pm7/22/14 9:00pm