Open Sesame: Warehouse Opening in Portugal Reveals Forgotten Collection

Imagine you're Ali Baba, stumbling on the 40 Thieves' treasure — only the thieves are long gone and the treasure is actually 180 European cars of various description. That's kind of what happened in this case, where inside a warehouse welded shut for years, a wealth of dusty cars — Jags, Porsches, Lancias, Alfas,… »1/26/07 5:28pm1/26/07 5:28pm

War Photojournalist's Massive Car Collection to Be Auctioned

The late Barr Ashcraft, a noted Vietnam War photojournalist, once said he'd seen the "cauldrons of combat and the Gardens of Eden," referring to his travels in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. At home in Massachusetts, he created is own Elysian Field — comprised of more than 170 cars, trucks and motorcycles he'd… »6/29/06 9:47am6/29/06 9:47am