Former Chrysler VP Recreates 1954 Plymouth Showroom In His Garage

Complete with all four body styles offered on the Plymouth Belvedere in 1954, Darrell L. Davis’s 9,000 square foot garage-homage to the '54 Plymouth also includes sales brochures, display racks, banners, signs, order books, sheets of paint samples and upholstery samples. Basically, everything needed to run a… »9/05/08 5:00pm9/05/08 5:00pm


Barrett-Jackson: We Get A View Live From Stage, You See Shelby Give Away First-Born GT

Our insider snapping photos and videos out in Scottsdale at the big BJ auction managed to get themselves up on the stage and take some shots of Ford's newest Mustang derivative, the #001 serial-numbered Shelby Mustang GT. We've got the picture gallery below and according to the description from FoMoCo PR description… »1/21/07 1:26pm1/21/07 1:26pm

More Straw, Less Muscle: Media Control Program at Barrett-Jackson

From the Hatfield and McCoy department comes news from Deep Dish, our source on the inside. The story begins with Craig Jackson of Barrett-Jackson Auction fame. The plot gets soupier with the entry of editor Keith Martin of Sports Car Market, the premiere magazine of the automobile auction world. Seems Keith penned a… »1/18/07 1:36pm1/18/07 1:36pm

Jalopnik Question of the Day: Which Modern Cars Will Be the Most Collectible in 30 Years?

On the occasion of the latest Barrett-Jackson cashout, collector car insurance firm Hagerty serves us a top-10 list of prospective collector cars for the next generation. Not long ago, we argued that, 30 years from now, there'd be no cars of this era fetching the same numbers as a mint Hemi Cuda these days ($2… »1/17/07 10:35am1/17/07 10:35am