Jalopnik Holiday Gift Guide: Matchbox 50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition Book

Whether you're merely a novice Matchbox collector with a Rubbermaid container full of well-worn cars, or you're a pro carefully dusting your mint condition 1966 Open Diplomat, we think you'll enjoy this tome dedicated to the die-cast toys that filled our dreams. Filled with more pictures than details, the Matchbox… » 11/21/07 2:30pm 11/21/07 2:30pm

Tokyo Motor Show: Awesome JDM Coffee Cans

Imagine our surprise and delight when we realized the official press-room coffee-drink cans here in Tokyo — the same ones that kept us firing on most cylinders — are collectibles. Each one in the series features a JDM classic. We collected 'em all: The 1969 Nissan Fairlady Z432 (Datsun 240Z), 1967 Toyota 2000GT, 1970… » 10/25/07 1:30pm 10/25/07 1:30pm