Standing at the Gates of the West: So-Cal Hot Rodding and the War

To Joe Strummer and Mick Jones, the Gates of the West may have been New York City. Or Saint Louis. Or San Francisco, where they holed up to record overdubs and vocal tracks for Give 'Em Enough Rope with Sandy "More Cowbell" Pearlman. But for many returning soldiers at the end of World War II, the Gates of the West… » 5/28/07 4:30pm 5/28/07 4:30pm

Cole Coonce is Dead, Long Live Duchamp!

Our drag-racing historian pal Cole Coonce — whose ghost we we we hung out with up in Eagle Rock last night, shooting the shit about nitro-powered CBXs, real estate in the greater Los Angeles area, listening to far too much of The Fall and whacking ping-pong balls about after the ladies at the shindig all headed off… » 6/12/06 12:14am 6/12/06 12:14am